Sailing ride

IZIBoat® GO :

€ 8, 990 incl tax

20% VAT, additional shipping costs

  • Aluminum mast

Leisure sailing


€ 11, 990 incl tax

20% VAT, additional shipping costs

  • IZIBoat® GO+

  • Straightening handle

  • Built-in trolley

  • Maintenance kit

  • Aluminum / fiber composite mast

  • Boom and boom slide

  • Floating forestay and jib 6.6m2

Fast Sailing


€ 13, 990 incl tax

20% VAT, additional shipping costs

  • IZIBoat®BEACH +

  • Bike trailer

  • Carbon mast

All boats can be fitted with an electric motor.


Welcome to IZIBoat®,


We accompany you for your order from your first information gathering to the launching of your boat.


Order now for spring 2021.


  • You are assigned a serial number.

  • You pay 30% deposit when registering your order.The shells of your IZIBoat® go into production.



  • Your boat is made individually with the utmost care, by a team of craftsmen benefiting from the expertise of Rochelais shipyards.

  • You pay 30% at the start of the manufacture of mechanical parts equipment for your IZIBoat®. You will be contacted at the start of this step.



  • Your IZIBoat is delivered to you in 5 packages, ready to sail, as described in specifications/price.

  • Delivery is made to the address of your choice whatever your country of destination.

  • You pay the balance of 40% + the shipping costs from your boat from our workshops.



  • Your video tutorial is available, in your personalized space, as soon as your boat is shipped.

  • Count 2 hours the first time, then quickly you will put 15 minutes for each assembly. See the video.


Launching and navigation

  • Your boat is mounted, you are equipped, sunscreen on your nose, and go, go, go!... pushing IZIBoat® into the water on its wheels. See the video.