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It's time to sail easy!
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Catamaran "Plug & Sail easy", to be shared by all ages, towed by bike, assembled in 15 minutes, easy to launch and piloted by joystick.



History of IZIBoat®

Conceived in the South Pacific by François Tissier, navigator and self-taught architect, IZIBoat© was born of a dream: to navigate from island to island using a hybrid that would combine the trusty stability of a catamaran, the simplicity of transport of a windsurf and the steering style of a car, without the technicality of a traditional sailing boat.




Spending 99% of it's time out of water, IZIBoat is easily stored and transported.

Easy to store

IZIBoat© can be stored hassle-free in your garage, back yard or a free parking space. Folded, it measures 500cm in length and 62cm in width...the length of a car and width of bike!!


IZIBoat© can be transported by roof-rack, electric bike or jet-ski. 5 main elements weighing 152 kilograms. 



IZIBoat is easily assembled, without the need for tools,

in 15 minutes.



Once assembled, IZIBoat© is easily launched in 2 minutes, the sails are unrolled and the wheels slipped off and stored behind the seat. 


IZIBoat© is controlled by joystick. Sitting comfortably, control of the sailboat can be shared beween friends and family, it's easy enough even for children to participate! 


Immobilising IZIBoat©

IZIBoat© is easily parked by folding the sails and placing wheels in position.

Interlock elements and it's assembled.

The IZIBoat chassis is assembled by interlocking, and fixed in place by pressure.

Interlock and it's rigged

The mast is mounted on a pivot, which is secured in place by a sliding ring. 

Unroll and you're ready to sail

The IZIBoat© sails are unrolled using a sliding boom. This technology allows you to safely adjust the surface of the sails from the piloting position.

Proceded hulls for safe docking

The IZIBoat© hulls are protected by a corundum layer measuring 9.0 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, or scratch resistance. This coating renders the hulls extremely resistant to abrasion and allows for smooth docking.

Store the wheels and you're ready to go

IZIBoat© is launched using it's two removable wheels, which are stored behind the seat.

Make yourself comfortable

The ergonomic seating is both flexible and durable, designed to enhance maximum comfort and safety for you and your sailmates. The IZIBoat© has the capacity up to seat 4 people.

Piloted by joystick

IZIBoat© is steered intuitively. All commands are controlled from the seated piloting position. Simply tilt the joystick in the direction you wish to take.

Exceptional stability

Innovative IZIBoat© technology, such as the non-guyed mast and the prototypical form of the floatation chambers, and hours of rigorous testing ensure the stability of the craft and a smooth sail. 





It's time to sail easy !

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